Did you pass the exams?

Passed but only Corp.Finance and Quant > 70. Others in range 51-70. Feel a little bit frustrated.

My background: Finance but NOT work in the same field. Just decided to go back to finance industry last year, after 8 years working in telecom industry.

Time study: about 6 months: from Oct to Mar, then skipped from Apr to mid-May due to business trip

My mistake: did not study from Apr to mid-May due to business trip. After 1.5 month, I felt like I forgot everything. Only took 2 mock-tests.

How to improve in Level 2: Will definitely stay focus on the LAST PERIOD, especially in Apr and May.

Good luck to everyone.

Failed. Band 7

>70% : AI, Derivatives, Ethics

51-70% : Corp Fin, FI, PM, Quant

<50% : Econ, Equity, FRA

Background :

Business degree, operations management

Working in supply chain management/logistics

Re orienting in finance, currently 1st year student in a master, financial engineering program.

Currently have incredible results at school, but we touch derivatives and risk management mostly.

Feeling pretty much like shit now.

Got my reality check today, time to do less questions/mocks and more understanding of the concepts, esp. in econ and FRA, even if I hate accounting to death.

Registering for Dec 16 exam tomorrow.

Congrats to those who passed, and to the quiet 57% people who failed, keep your heads up, get back into it and destroy the next exam in about 4 months.

Quite a good surprise ! I passed although I only made a one-month autonomous preparation in a hurry ( I mainly praticed, doing 7 mock exams but obviously I missed some concepts.

Got > 70 everywhere except in Alternative Investment ( 51-70).

surprised to have more than 70% in ethics ( I did not have good results during mock exams !)

PASSED. >70 in everything except econ, fixed income and derivatives. Congrats to all who passed, see you in June 2017 for all the December level 1 retakers.

Let’s enjoy the rest of our summer!

>70 on everything. Was expecting 51-70 in Econ, so that was a pleasant surprise. Glad it’s official, congrats to those who passed.

Passed, I got 51-70 for all sections except for equities and alternatives which were >70. I must have scored at the top of the bracket for almost everything in that middle bracket.

Passed! Happy :slight_smile:

Nailed the Level I examination

50%-70% in Fixed Income and Ethics

>70% in the rest.

A big shout out to S2000 Magician. Sir, your crystal clear explanations helped me all along while preparing for the examination. Thank you very much sir.


50%-70% in Alternative

>70% in the rest

Passed. Registering for Level 2 exam later tonight.

passed. Derivatives < 50 FRA,Economics,Corporate Finance >70 Rest i got b/w 50 and 70

Passed with all topics higher than 70%.

i almost forgot all knowledge covered in level 1 during 8 weeks of waiting

Passed Level 1… Can’t believe I did. Thank you Jesus

Won’t register until i think am prepared. Level 1 in itself was too gruelling

Failed for the second time, band 10 again. So pissed off and disappointed right now…grrrrrrrrr

-Alt Inv, Equity <50%

-Eco, Ethics, FRA, FI, PM, Quant 51-70%

  • Corp Finance, Derivatives >70%

Failed band 10. Must have just missed. Over in Econ, Ethics, PM and CF. Under in FRA and FI.

Passed level 1. I need to work more on Alt Inv, and Port Mgmt. I cannot believe I got Eithics between 51%-70%. I did Ethics well on the Moch exams, I thought I did well on the exam. Well, this shows Ethics can be extremely tricky. I also got Fixed Income 51%-70% so I need to work more on those. All other ones, I have them > 70%.


Fixed Income less than 50, Ethical&Alternative investment 50-70, all else in 70 above.



50-70 in Fixed income and portfolio management

Above 70 in everything else


70+ on all except PM (51-70).

Very grateful.