DNC - Can't make this up!

So the DNC is being sued by its party base in a class action suit alleging basically election fraud in the primary in favor of The Clinton. The DNC’s defense? F-U, we do what we want! Article 5, Section 4 (neutrality towards primary candidates)? That’s non-binding, so fvck off!

What a masterful defense - telling your voter base we can do whatever the fvck we want so fvck off! Brilliant!


Good morning Turd, how was your weekend?

Still can’t believe the DNC picked Crooked H over crazy Bernie hahahha

This turd guy is really up in your kitchen. Do you see him everywhere you look?

_ Although the Article 5, Section 4 of the Democratic Party charter stipulates that it will function with total neutrality during Democratic primaries, the DNC lawyer argued the promise was non-binding. _

Typical America. Legal-nonsense lets you do anything you want. Things are binding when you want, and not when you want. Investigate this, don’t investigate that. Impeach when the “wrong” person wins. Failed state.

banana republic.

^ I’ve never seen the appeal of Banana Republic.

Their jeans are my go to and I have one of their trendy super slim cut suits. I feel like a douche but the cut does look good. Those millennials are on to something.