Do we still get marks for showing calculations in the Morning Level 3 session?

Does anyone know if we will still be awarded points for showing our calculations in the constructed response of the morning section? It might be a little tricky considering that the exam is now computer based.

Yes, but only if your final answer is incorrect.

If your final answer is correct, you get full marks for having the correct answer, and showing your calculations does not matter.

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You sure you’ll have time to type a bunch of formulas and numbers?

My concern is, how picky the graders will be? I tend to round my calculations a lot and eventually end up with ± ### from right answer depending on the number of digits the answer has. However, the calculations are correct.

For the raw calculations, keep 4 to 6 decimal places. Then round off at the end based on question requirements.

Better still, use the STO and RCL function in your calculator (BA II Plus).

But like S2000 said, the graders are human and they won’t be so mechanic about it.

For institute your final answers matter. If your answer is correct irrespective of steps, you will get the full marks. Regarding the steps it depends upon the process like if your all steps are correct and there is slight error in end calculation there is possibility you might get full marks.

Also for rounding off thing there is a certain range of correct answers so it wont make a much difference unless there is big difference