Emerging markets trading

Hi guys, I have a friend who has the opportunity to interview for an analyst position in Emerging markets credit trading at one of the large banks in New York. This is the only info he’s been given and neither he nor I know anything about emerging markets credit trading, even the basics…can anyone provide a description, or a link, recommended reading, etc? What would an analyst in emerging markets trading do? What’s the market like now, etc? Thanks for any help.

bump, anyone?

to be honest, as an analyst on a trading desk you will be doing things like making sure the trades are booked correctly and running the risk/p&l reports for the traders. This type of role would generally last about 18 months - 2 yrs before you would start with your own book and even then you would most probably be trading vanilla credit. Emerging Mkt trading would involve creating credit instruments to sell on from the riskier underlying security. When is this interview? I will speak to a friend tomorrow on our desk to find out what he actually does!

Thanks - the interview is actually tomorrow morning, so don’t worry about asking your friend. “Emerging markets trading” seems like a pretty wide description to me, though - seems like things in Latin America would be a lot different than, say, India or Russia. I don’t really even know what junior traders do, though…I hear the term “manage risk” used alot, but don’t really know what this encompasses on a day-to-day basis.