Enough time for Sept 2011 CAIA lvl 1?

Like most of you, I am fascinated with the CAIA topics, so I decided to buy the level 1 materials. Work has been really hectic for the past month, so I have not gotten around to studying for the September 2011 level 1 test yet. I have an MBA from a competitive school, I am an amateur investor that is fairly versed in the captial markets, and I currently work in corporate finance. Based on my background, I am wondering if people think I have enough time to successfully read AND UNDERSTAND the CAIA level 1 materials in time for the September test. I don’t want to CRAM for the sake of cramming.

You have enough time – two months should suffice.

ATH: Did you use Schweser materials or just he CAIA materials + study guide?

For L1, I used UpperMark. When I took L1, there weren’t the integrated CAIA texts yet so I bought the books (which are actually very good as resources). I did skim the texts but mainly concentrated on the LO summaries and formulas in the study guides. I used Schweser for L2. I only used UpperMark for L1 because I had heard some good feedback about their materials. I didn’t use them for L2 because they were so behind in fulfilling my order that I got annoyed and switched to Schweser. Just as effective.

Yeah 2 months should be fine, I agree with ATH.

chjohnson, I’m on the same boat as you… I actually got my materials about a month ago… but I really havne’t studied at all during the past month. I’m awaiting my CFA II results… and going to decide how hard i’m going to study for this. (small chance I may push this off if I passed level 2) But after reading the material on and off… I really can’t say its too difficult… just a bit dry… You won’t have problems with two months at all. I’ve heard many others who gave themselves a month and a half and pass with flying colors. good luck!