entry level at VC fund - interview - Please help!

Hi guys, I have an interview at a large VC fund for an entry level position this friday and I am hoping some of you can give me an example of questions that may be asked. Thank you!

Check out this Vault guide on VC Interview Questions. I have no experience interviewing with VC funds so I can’t tell you how accurate those questions are for an entry-level position, but most sound pretty reasonable to me. http://www.vault.com/nr/main_article_detail.jsp?article_id=15621440&cat_id=0&ht_type=10

j-rad, thanks!

let me know wat position is that , then i might be able to guide you. asu said entry level i dont expect them to know u much abt portfolio theories . want they will be intrested in knowing could you do the job eith ur head down

VC jobs are different from traditional “CFA” jobs. Don’t think of this as a “finance job” It’s really not about finance and modeling, but it is about knowing the products / space / management teams very well. Modeling is a prt of the process, but this not like traditional PE / LBOs. Good investments tend to be very good and bad ones, very bad (binary outcomes). Its all about deeply understanding risk / reward and strucuturing the investments to protect yourself across a multitude of scenarios. Be prepared to have a perspective and an opinion about an investment space (what does the VC specialize in?), get to know their portfolio companies (any recent investments or liquidity events?). Lastly get familiar with investment terms (participating preferred, liquididation preferences, anti-dilution, etc.) VC guys at top firms tend to be very sharp and well educated - I would imagine they would interview accordingly.