ESPN and business

Dallas Cowboys:

Team Value - $4.0 billion

Revenue - $620 million

Regular season record since 2000 - 128-128, or exactly .500.

Playoff record since 2000 - 2-5, or .285.

San Antonio Spurs:

Team Value - $1.0 billion

Revenue - $172 million

Regular season record since 2000 - 857-357, or .705.

Playoff record since 2000 - Where do you start? 5x NBA Champions, 1x Conference Champions, 4x Conference Finalist, 4x Conference semifinalist, 2x lost in first round of playoffs.

So the question is (and the argument I’m trying to settle) - Who’s the more successful franchise?

What were each worth in 2000?

Nauseatingly, it’s the Cowboys. They have the better brand and they make more money. The Spurs are better at what they do, but the Cowboys are the better franchise. The test is ask someone from a foreign country which team they know. That’s your answer for who has the better franchise.

Also, the Cowboys suck.

My definition of a successful franchise is winning not team value. Dallas is a big city with a big following so they will naturally make more money than the Spurs. But successful franchises win titles and win playoff games and Dallas has been a pathetic franchise for a long period of time.

I would argue that the Cowboys are still better. The revenue numbers show that more people support the football team, or that they care with greater magnitude. This is the true purpose of sports teams, and is why fans support teams that do not win all the time.

The Spurs have a better record within their sport, but records are not 100% comparable across sports. If pro handball has a team that wins 100% of the time, I wouldn’t say they are the same as the Golden State Warriors. We could argue that basketball is “more competitive” than handball. But which is more competitive: football or basketball?

So, the only comparable measure is popularity (in volume and magnitude), which is measured by revenue. In this respect, the Cowboys win.

…what does ESPN have to do with this topic?

5 time NBA champs but only once Conference Champs? should a least be 5x Conference Champs no?

The Cowboys are slowly burning the brand equity they built up previously. That can’t continue forever. Eventually teams on a sustained rise will overtake them. Also the rise of the NFL itself is lifting all boats (thanks fantasy football), so that enters also. And of course the market matters. There should probably be some adjustment to revenue to take out the market effect.

Slowly is right. They haven’t even played in an NFC Championship game in 20 years, let alone a Super Bowl.

The fact that they’re still the most valuable team in the NFL, by a solid 800 million, over a team that has arguably been a Super Bowl contender every year for the last 15 is pretty damn impressive. In fact, the Patriots have played in 7 Super Bowls since the Cowboys last played in one. Jeez.

^ Once Brady and Belichick are no longer there, the Patriots could easily go 2 decades without reaching a conference championship game. The Pats best years are behind them and their window is getting smaller.

yo STL

what are the odds pats cheat dis weekend?

Is it scary out on that limb?! Haha wow. Careful now. Bone crunching analysis.

Then again people were saying it was all over at the end of Week 4 last season and we all saw how that worked out. Keep it up, please. A ring for Brady’s thumb would be cool.

(And fwiw… the Pats just put together their best defensive season in nearly a decade all with a bunch of kids in their mid 20’s that they are in good position to re-sign and I can see Belichick coaching til 70.)

Anyway, the point of my post was to say that the Patriots have enjoyed mammoth success for going on two decades now while the Cowboys haven’t done squat and Dallas is still the king of the mountain value wise. That’s all. The idea that they’re slowing eroding their brand value by sucking doesn’t really seem to play that well.

^ Not a Pats fan by any stretch, but the fans in New England seem to be pretty loyal. How long did the Red Sox go between WS wins and they still had a fiercely loyal following? I think the Pats have built-up enough goodwill to maintain their fan base for a couple of decades of subpar results if it comes to that. That being said, I haven’t noticed a lot of Pats fans outside of the Northeast. As a Giants fan though, I don’t find the Pats’ logo as offensive as that stupd star, so maybe I just don’t pay attention.

I’m not concerned about it, nor do I dislike the Pats. Just like in any sport - when it’s not your team - I’m getting a little tired of them winning all the time, but they’ve put together a fantastic dynasty. However, this year’s team isn’t of the same caliber. Any other year for the last 12 years and I wouldn’t give the Chiefs a chance. I honestly think this game is a coin flip. First team to score 21 points will win.

Thanks for the responses, fellers.

This is the crux of an argument/discussion I was having with a friend. He said that he’d rather own the Spurs than the Cowboys because of their quality management, leadership, “culture of excellence”, championships, record, etc.

I told him, “You’ve got to be kidding me. There is no better sports franchise in the world to own than the Dallas Cowboys.” (Well, maybe ManU, Real Madrid, or the Yankees. The Patriots crossed my mind, but I think once this dynasty is over, they’ll fall back into oblivion, like the 49ers have.)

Yeah, it’s a good point. I know the Sox did suffer attendance issues at times during some of their really lean years (even when they had Teddy Ballgame) but Boston has always been a baseball town through and through. The Pats were obviously abysmal for decades save for the one Super Bowl they made and had to play arguably the greatest team ever. I remember going to a game in the old Foxboro Stadium as a kid in the early 90s and Dan Marino torching us. We left at halftime because it was so cold and I think tickets were probably 5 bucks… there was nobody there.

But Kraft buying the team has changed everything. Obviously you can’t replace Belichick and Brady when they retire but Kraft has four kids, including Jonathan Kraft who is likely to step right in as Robert gets older. They’ve built a Disney World basically over in Foxboro called Patriot Place that racks in absurd money and I doubt they have any plans to sell that business. I’m not predicting any type of continuation of this run they’ve been on once B&B leave town but good ownership is important and J. Kraft has been absorbing everything these past two decades on what to do and what not to do (thanks Jerry Jones, Al Davis, Bengals family, etc.).

Seems unfair to compare an NBA team with almost any team in the NFL (except the Jags). Comparing the television contracts alone will reveal much larger dollars for NFL franchises than NBA. Consider that every NFL game is on a national telecast, whereas most NBA games are broadcast on a local cable network. There are more NBA games, so that may make up for some of this lower revenue, but I still think the NFL comes out ahead despite the fewer # of games. Since so much of an NFL team’s cash flow stems from these TV deals, it’s reasonable to see why there would be such a large gap in value btw the Cowgirls and the Spurs.

^ What he said. This is almost as apples to oranges as comparing a goods business to a service business.

Discussing ESPN and physics is much more interesting.