Essay Preparation

I know this may be an unpopular topic with the impatient posters on this board, but I wasn’t able to find the answers I was looking for in the search function.

What have you guys heard from co-workers or CFA charterholder friends is the best way to prep for the essay portion?

Weekend courses? Practice tests? Re-reading the text (moreso than for Levels 1 & 2)?

This has me pretty concerned, as it seems to be an area that candidates have trouble with. I’ve never read the CFA curriculum in the past (only used Schweser), but am going to read both this time around to be as well rounded for the essay portion as possible.

Any help is much appreciated.

no one is teaching me. So I just try to write out important concepts in my own words while studying.

when doing eocs short answer questions, when get them wrong or miss points, I read over the answer and write them out again in my own words.

write, memorize and speak out the concepts outloud to yourself.

Great input, thank you.

Do the IPS section in the actual curriculum multiple times, and do all 3 past morning exams (and if you can get your hands on more, go for it). After reviewing all of those in detail, I think you will be at the point where logic starts to take over for preparation. For IPS, you obviously must be prepared, but IMO there is also a point of diminishing returns where no amount of extra studying will help. Much of the questions involve careful reading and thinking through the process.

" Much of the questions involve careful reading and thinking through the process. "

Can’t agree more.

Thanks… Does anyone have any positive/negative feedback for the weekend courses and their ability to prepare you for the essay portion?