Ethics in Stalla

Later in the evening, following a few too many beers, Claire’s colleagues from CruzIn observe that she appears extremely intoxicated and has just entered the Shooters for Hooters contest. Her co-worker Prudence Proper offers to pay the bill and drive her home. Cruze replies, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely get a ride home!” Which of the following is most likely to be correct? How is this a violation… Its after work.

it reflects poorly on the investment profession…well, that’s what you say for the CFAI exam. in real life, although it reflects poorly on Claire, fack it cuz its after work, doesn’t impeed her ability to perform her job (per say) with her employer and people have to have lives not governed by the CFAI… but for the exam, that’s not what i’d write…june 7th its a violation.

I guess b/c she’s with co-workers! Guess no more happy hours :frowning: