Ethics MOCK

Yardy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I think C. This is a client > > This is a client. from the horses mouth: “Arrangements as that offered to Rachel may cause a conflict of interest or result in partiality that could impede Rachel’s independence and objectivity”

I would almost bet my life that we wont see a question like this on exam day

its definitely A, as she did not harm or deprive his employer of any her expertise by accepting the gift without acknowledgement as the question also says that it was not her intent to conceal the information, but if she would not have disclosed it out of malice than she would have violated A too …

Wats the answer? is it B? all the others to me seem like a violation.

I really don’t understand why this post is so long. She obviously violated all of them, as Char-Lee even pointed out, except A. She was not “disloyal” to her employer in any way. She didn’t properly disclose everything, but she was never disloyal.