Failed for 2nd time

This is exactly me after an exam! Everyone is talking about traps and stuff, and I have no idea what they are referring to. It is like they attempted another exam. I’d freak out thinking that I had failed lol Maybe we just solve the question as is without paying attention as to whether they are trying to trick us or not. To be honest, I block during the exam and just get focused, I don’t read much into things.

There were two questions in AM everyone thought were easy peasy. I prepared Econ very good and found these questions very challenging. Don’t recall the PM to be honest. But overall I scored about 80% (slightly below 90th percentile), so most probably got the ones in AM right. I cannot reveal the content, but I can tell you that questions in AM were challenging. If you did not think they were challenging during the exam, you probably missed some details and relevant points.

You seem to be very close to passing the exam, so just keep it up! Good luck!

I’m not understanding the ‘traps’ concept either. Granted, I haven’t taken the L3 exam yet, but I thought the L1 and L2 were fair- I don’t recall any traps.

Do you mean the questions were vague and misleading? Or were the questions about minutiae that you had assumed wouldn’t be tested?

If you’re that close to passing you’re probably not answering the questions the way they need to be answered. I recommened you ignore the other 30 replies in this thread and go check in with Nathan at --> he’s probably going to tell you what you don’t want to hear, but, what you don’t want to hear, is probably exactly what you NEED to hear if you want to pass this exam.

Good luck.

Keep trying and never be demotivated. I failed L3 exams three times.

L1 (2014) - Passed

L2 (2015) - Passed

L3 (2016) - Failed, Band 6

L3 (2017) - Failed, Band 1 (Went to exam hall with the intention to fail as I did not prepare due to other commitments)

L3 (2018) - Failed, scored close to MPS

L3 (2019) - Passed!!! (Well above MPS)

I’m from Malaysia and I attended classes in Noesis. I read their notes, Scheweser and used CFAI texts mainly for EOC questions.