Fair Dealing ??

Suppose, A is Institutional Clinet, B is a HNW Individual, C is a poor fellow like me. Now a Investment firm, gets maximum of its revenue from A, that doesn’t allow them to disseminate good-news/ bad-news to ‘A’ first. CFA Standards clearly states that revenue generated should not be a way to discriminate on information dissemination. I completely mistook the sentense as, A was paying premimum to get the best service, and CFA-I compelety aggress with the concept of multilevels of service and so there was no violation… So irrespective of who generates the max revenue for the IM firm, all dissemination happens fairly to A, B and C if not equally/ exactly at the same time (as this is not feasible). - Dinesh S

Thanks a million. It makes a whole lot of sense, didnt want to leave it hanging.

dinesh, was this from schweser? If yes, can you give me the question ID?

It’s from passmaster - Dinesh S