Favorite energy drink


Nope. Don’t do energy drinks. Just sugary, salty snake oil from what I can see.

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banned in most countries, I tried strobe while in HK earlier this year. Was up for almost 20 hours prior to having my first strobe. ended up having 7 more and partied for another 10 hours. excellent beverage. gives you a bit of a buzz too. must try. 5 stars.

red bull is my energy, im a freak

I don’t like that the OP undercut the topic derailing theme by making a topic about a topic that would be perfect to derail his usual stupid topics with.

Now I don’t know whether to respond seriously or start talking about Nicholas Cage movies.

i just realized that the second picture was a discus hahahahaha




+1 to Carson

I don’t see any need to drink anything other than water and alcohol.

yeah I like sugar free redbull ( dentist recommended ) - usually try to use it as little as posssible only for all nighters and long drives

and redbull vodka if sleepy when I’m out

Black Coffee. Energy drinks are a complete scam.

I have a discus just like that somewhere at home except the metal ring is broken. I hit a field equipment building with an errant throw. It would have been my career best if fair.


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Finally, I have found a place to call my home.

No dude, espresso all the way.

Espresso + Chocolate soy milk … errrryday

espreso plus chocolate soy milk, brah? what’s next, hamachi crudo with a thick spread of marmite??