Fear Index? All time high. S&P? All time high. You? ....

Best argument made in this whole thread. /sarcasm

Anyway I don’t care too much for the “all time high” name. I’ve lost out on good opportunities by being scared off by 52 week highs and the like. Just because things have run up doesn’t mean they won’t run further. I’m inching back into stocks that I like if the price is right.

Well, it wasn’t an argument, it was an opinion.

Whatever is the justification for the opinion is the argument.

Indeed. Now if you think about it, we’ve been in deleveraging for 4 years now and counting, and at some point, hopefully, we will start breaking out of the deleveraging phase, it might be a worthwhile idea to look at these scenarios BW mentions, and see what happens at the end of the D-cycle…before everybody catches on…making you Lord of the Markets.

LOL that’s true, but you guys are so intellectual. :slight_smile: I function mostly off intuition at this point. Fortunately with investing our own $$$ we don’t have to write it up and make it look like it makes sense even though it doesn’t make sense. We can just run with what makes sense without fully understanding why it makes sense, if that makes sense.

I get what you’re saying. There are a fair number of intuitive and gut-feel investors out there.