Federal Assault Weapons Ban

^ The cool kids don’t do the shooting, but in the end it really is their fault. But for the cool kids picking on the quiet, dorky kids, the quiet, dorky kids would not become asocial loners. Obviously, the real answer is to ban cool kids.

Are you trying to say hipsters are the solution?

“Gun Free Zone” = “Come on in and start shooting. No one can stop you!”

True. It’s the Why question that is more important than the How question!!

I think labels such as cool, dorky, geeky, loser, pikey, chav, ming etc. are the real problem

^ Lol. Also, aren’t we mvoing in that direction already with all the anti-bullying campaigns, everybody is a winner mentality, etc?

^ And who defines coolness of kids? Hot chicks. Get rid of hot chicks and we’re all gold. … oh wait.

^ no, hot chicks just have to do everyone and then we’re golden.

Or put all women in burqas, so the hot ones will not be distinguishable from the non-hot ones. Really, there is no downside to this plan.

Higgmond is onto the right track. I had a friend who would have been my bet for the columbine type. I was always nice to him cause I figured he’d show up to prep school and kill us all one day. He graduated a virgin. I told him him to get a hooker when I saw him in college and just get it over with. He did. So far he hasn’t killed anyone. I can’t speak for all males, but I know that from the age of 13-25, which is the dangers one age for these kind of attacks, all I really wanted to do was score pussy. Thank god, I had some success. Otherwise I would probably be like these guys too, angry and frustrated. If everyone got laid by junior up year of high school I think we’d see way fewer of these things. And if angry Muslim teenagers could just get laid I’m sure far fewer of them would want to blow themselves up to get that sweet virgin pussy afterlife we hear about.