Few Conceptual Clarification

Guys, i hope you are doing well… We all are done with exam and must be feeling good/tensed/anxious and you can name it?

I have question , i know its a violation to discuss the exam but for the clarification purpose can we clear our thoughts on few concepts by just mentioning a generic statement rather than making it obvious to any part of the exam?

Please share your thoughts so i can ask few questions where i need clarification depsite i pass or not

No. Because i imagine the statement Will have tested material.

i wish we can, i understand we cant


As long as you’re only discussing concepts or the curriculum and not discussing specific questions then it isn’t a violation.

But asking question about a certain specific concept would imply that it was tested. Better stsay on the safe side.

Yes its better not to discuss anything overhere…There has been history when insitute tracked down the candidates and penalize them for discussing things… I have seen tremendous improvement over the years…i remember people use to discuss complete exams over here…Adminstrators are doing great job.

I was just clearing myself just like reporting to compliance officer or supervisor for the guiadance and referring to strict law before doing any breach…

Prohibiting candidates from discussing questions is outright psychological torture. CFAI is the Ramsay Bolton of finance!