Financial Accounting Workshops

Does anyone have any experience with them? I am enrolled in Schweser however I feel like I need extra help with accounting to pass the test. I am thinking about taking their 2 day accounting review but I am having a hard time finding any reviews of how they are online. Any input is much appreciated! Thanks

If this is by John Harris - he is the absolute best. Worth every dollar spent. you get to know FSA really intensely.

Yes it is by John Harris. Thanks so much for the info!

I recently signed up for one of these sessions. Looking forward to an intense weekend of accounting!

Anyone know of a good workshop in London?

I just took a weekend class with Harris. He’s a very good teacher and makes the L2 accounting almost interesting. I am not a big accounting fan. He provides you with an impressive set of notes and practice questions that he has created himself. He keeps things light so you’re not bored to death by 5PM. I would definitely recommend taking his class.

Thanks for the info everyone. I think I will sign up tomorrow!

somebody please tell him to have a lecture in Toronto!!

I am looking forward to going to the class this weekend with Harris. Heard good things about him. If you think your FSA is weak , go all in. It will make or break your CFA L2 effort. FSA , read my lips , FSA on the exam is a complete monster.

^I sent him an email asking if he would sell his notes to me as I can’t attend his workshop. He said NO!

I will be at the seminar in LA

heard about his class…i am from Boston and it was booked. Made arrangements to take it in NYC. I do not want to take level 2 more than once. I’m hoping his workshop makes the difference!!!