For Swcheser 1 ton = 2000 pounds

They wrongly quoted 1 ton as 2000 pounds in question # 7 on Correlation & Regression. sometimes they can be misleading.

What are you talking about? 1 ton is 2000 pounds.

there are two definitions of “ton” (or homonyms of the word) 1. Ton => American => is 2000 pounds 2. Tonne => British => is 1000 kg.

Well, I have been always under the impression that 1 lb = 450 grams so a ton appreas to be something close to 2222 lb. There are different variations of ton; “long ton” which is 2240 lb and “short ton” which is 2000. If they want to use the conversion rate as 2000 lb as a ton, it should be called “short ton”