For those of you saying the PM was easy...

I thought PM was very tough compared to the mocks I did, but felt it was much easier than AM. And although the PM was tough, I still think I was able to do pretty well on it. Who knows though, we’ll find out in a couple months.

I doubt if they don’t have the continent-different sets of questions balanced out with CFAI’s retinue of examiners, psychologists and other experts who are collectively capable of forming an institute in their own right. There is no attempt to penetrate nobody.

If there are different AM exams, why is there only one exam (questions & answers) released on the CFAI website? I beleive that there was only one exam for 2012, right?


Technology, my friend.

You click from where live, CFAI server determines what part of the world your pc or downloading device is located and sends the corresponding AM Q…

The PM was easy. Yes, there were tricks but those were expected and if you had done mocks you would have known to look for them.

But we also discuss questions from past exams on AF before the exam and most of the times their answer and our answers do match. Everybody is on the same page regarding questions.

Hung on that one, you have a strong point.

Now I wonder what is really happening…

My aching backside begs to differ :wink:

PM is easy relative to AM, but FULL of traps. I’m pretty sure many candidates (>50%) would miss some information that are critical for the correct answer. The information in previous paragarphs are frequently used to solve the question related to the target paragraph. By this, I mean, if you think that to answer question 6 you can only refer to the 6th paragraph, then you might have been tricked becasue several questions require you to use information in previous parargraphs.

If you know what I’m talking about, you see the tricks. Otherwise, you probably missed those.