Fordham MBA reputation in NYC

Anyone know of Fordham’s MBA reputation in new york? How is the school viewed in finance? How is the career placement? thanks

Given Columbia and NYU in the same city I wouldn’t expect too much of Fordham.

Donald Trump went to Fordham.

He went to Wharton. bmwhype Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Donald Trump went to Fordham.

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Would a school like Fordham hurt your chances to get a front office position?

Trump attended Fordham University for two years before transferring to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Some notable alumni in business: I attend Fordham (undergrad) and while I think it is a very good school, the main issue is that there are some exceptional Professors and some piss poor ones as well (in terms of business faculty). I venture to say it is the same case in the business school and that is at least one reason why it plays second fiddle to Columbia, NYU. I guess that is the problem of most second rate schools and what separates them from the top tier schools. I just had a finance professor who gradated from Fordham and got into a BB bank out of undergrad (which was a lot harder when he graduated back around 00’ as the reputation was less than stellar then) and he pretty much noted that coming out if you are lucky and have the good/great professors, you will know as much as the Columbia, etc students. At least in his own experience. But of course he said you have to work harder to gain the respect and get the interviews because of the name.