FRA..Schweser or CFAI?

I am going through FRA and reading long lived assets currently. I have read most of book3 from cfai but it is taking long to get through it. Moreover, the examples in CFAI books are lengthy and I am not able to solve them in the first go and have to read through the solution. Are you guys able to solve these examples without ofcourse skimming through the solution? I am wondering if I should read Income Taxes and rest of the chapters in Book3 from Schweser. Please advise.

your in the beast of level 1 so it should take some time and practice. Try schweser and then try the CFAI end of reading questions, if you can do them you’re good to go, if not, you might need to read from CFAI.

Hi acer, stick to the examples and questions, then try to read ONLY what you think is important to understand the questions. But read it in the books of CFAI. If you better understand with Schweser, this is okay, but go through the questions of CFAI. Good luck, Daniel