FRA : Schweser or CFAI

Hi I am taking up L1 this june… And i still have a major chunk of FRA left (I know huge mistake to leave it till the end… but no regrets as i’m pretty confident about the rest…) I am really tensed about FRA… as i don’t have an accounting background and i can’t make the head or tail of it… I’ve read in the forums that CFAI texts are necessary for FRA… But, would Schweser suffice? Would switching to Schweser help? Kindly give your opinions on this. Thanks.

go with schweser for now, hit the EOC’s in CFAI too, good luck

agree with andrew, in a matter of fact go for Schweser for good, not just for now… while cfai books do have some value, an additional detail here and there…they dont do a good job covering the big picture… for someone like you, Schweser is better, it will teach you 98% of the stuff, and it will do a better job than the CFA curriculum… after the exam, you can read the CFA curriculum, although I would do it for topics other than accounting…i took L1 in december and i remmber nothing from accounting anyway…

get the EOC’s down PAT. study schweser, know the EOCs

haha yeah gulf they have additional details which drive you insane trying to correct the book. Maybe if you stop boozing you’ll remember some accounting

Hey thanks everyone for your inputs! Schweser is way more easier to comprehend than CFAI… i guess i’ll be done with it soon…