Funny exam day experiences

My proctors were half assed. They let a lot of stuff go and then some guy kept going around fixing all their mistakes.

In the AM I put all my stuff in a ziplock bag and they let me thru and I kept it at my desk. In the PM the guy at the door was confused as to how I got in the room with a plastic bag in the AM. Then at my desk some guy comes up and tells me “no plastic bags”. Then he goes to the girl next to me and takes the little plastic wrap off of her eraser.

That made me laugh harddd… I don’t know why they take plastic ‘bags’ from students (some sort of weird choking thing? I don’t know) but the extent to which they go is ridiculous).

Also one of the proctors I had didn’t use words to speak, he just pointed (no, he wasn’t special, just lazy) and made you guess which item he wanted you to give to him.

So there you go, half assed proctors

My desk neighbour didn’t say a word to me, I mean before and after the testing time … not even hello or so. During the test he farted all the time… great. Are nose clips allowed? My neighbour on the other side didn’t stop writing, when we were supposed to stop, and got into an argument with a proctor…

Too many Bratwurst?

I gave the exam in edinburgh. there were indiviual small desks and chairs. but they arranged so that two desks were joined together. so you have a close neighbour. my neighbour was a very young chinese lad. throughout the exam he was highly unsettled. long breath, loud berps, oughs, aaghs, oohs, heavy calc punch. all these continously. it was highly distracting and annoying. few times, i felt to get up and kick him out. I am sure my scores will be affected. thought of saying to him nicely after the morning session. could not say. suffered the same in the afternoon too. just think of going through complex questions with an annoyed and irritated mind. wish i dont get him again by my side.