Good CFA/forum stories

Although I finished up my fifth year in the CFA program (awaiting the charter) I’m just now fully appreciating this forum.

I’ve come to the realization that some great stories must have been told here during its history- whether it be about studying, the exam day itself, CFA-related endeavors or just random greatness and shenanigans.

Can the old-timers enlighten me or point me in the right direction?

Nobody mention it. Just once.

the sink story

^ I remember that. Not sure if it was ever proven to be true. We need an AF auditor.


some of these stories don’t have links anymore such as QQQBee, but I have included the links from the stories I can remember.

  1. Terminator Exam Preparation Ritual

  2. NYC Sink Shitter

  3. Calculator Story (can’t find link) does anyone else remember a crazy story about the BA II plus… i think the poster was from india. here’s a reference to a thread talking about this

  4. daj224 post on people failing LII - survey on how they would feel

  5. what about that IBM consultant who thought there was some kind of conspiracy…“I stand for Value” or something like that, that was pretty epic, phil.plat?

Ha ha - The NYC Sink Shitter…

That’s impressive research.

You guys had to do it.

We need to add an FAQ: “Yes, somebody shat in a sink.”

BTW, not sure about that pic Chad added

[link removed so that the copycat site does not get any Google juice from AF links]

I love how the ripoff site even has users refering to the forum as AF. lol

Hmm. It appears that that is one of several ripoff AF websites. I guess you know you are successful when people start to steal your work? I am most amused by the fake usernames used by that website. Apparently, my evil twin is called “happyending”. I suppose that is not bad, although it would probably be more appropriate for ChickenTikka or IEV.

The other fake usernames, unfortunately, are quite uncreative:





Womp, womp. It appears that I can’t link to the mirror sites, but perhaps someone will put up some of QQQbee’s e-mails involving his retabulaction efforts. If I recall, at least a few people saved parts of the thread before it was nuked.

Good stuff, especially the sink story. I caught wind of the Javarama story somehow (also funny), which is what provoked my inquiry for others.

There was a post about a Chinese version of AF that had the same posts but mixed up the usernames.

more … ananda was the calculator guy and I remember this bleron guy. tried to download the hotfile document but it doesn’t seem to be there any more.

Let’s not forget BostonKev vs. Numi, McDonalds, and the Jenna Jameson story.

Didn’t Bleron pass level 2 studying 1 week?

I was just reading Bleron’s posts because someone revived one. That guy was hillarious.

OK so what IS the javarama story?