Good CFA/forum stories


I find he is the most underrated poster in AF history. He was entertaining. First ballot hall of famer in my book.

“The Terminator” ritual… great smiley Like in the movie: imagine the red scanners in the terminator’s eyes going through each question… what happens if the character of a question is named “John Connor”? Priceless

After reading through the old Javarama story, I also was reminded of the “I slept with my boss thread” that was pretty funny. Also, we had a freaking all star cast of characters back when I was taking the exam. So much fun. I miss those guys. Also, I do remember that Tibwa was a famous character for awhile for writing Daj type threads with QQQBEEE type english, but can’t remember much details.

No, passed LI on like a week of studying. Tried to do the same for LII and got killed.

javarama is epic. thanks for posting, I had missed it. this brings back memories of the budfox427/budfox428/budfox429 thread too. here’s all that’s left that i could find.

and the Chuck Norris thread

There was an AFJunkie, AFJunky, AFFunkie, AFJunkie99 thread as well if I remember correctly that was pretty funny.

And Slouiscar used to compose huge poems / songs or ahead of exam time.


i remember slouiscar… see this

I didn’t know about his followup effort on LII. Crazy. I couldn’t have done it. I imagine he must have had a very good grad or undergrad education to already be relatively familiar with the topics.

oh BostonKev vs Numi… state school argument. Does that bring back memories! Will see if I can find it but in the meantime… see how quickly a simple question can turn ugly

state school debate BostonKev vs Numi found!

that phillip.platt thread

This is an entertaining thread…really had a good time reading up all the stories. Thank you for all the shares and posts ! AF is legendary !

now go off and create some of your own!! it was fun looking these up and remembering all of the posters and the fun getting through the exams.

Chinese AF mirror post:

Bizarro world.