Good luck everyone!

team_alex Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Good luck AFers! > > But especially to those folks that have been > helpful contributors along the way. CPK, Paraguay, > bpdulog, jcole21, mcap11, soddy1979, onelasttime, > CFAsniper, pimpineasy, and me.tega… just to > name a few (I’m sure I’m missing some good posters > that have helped along the way). > > Thanks and good luck! Ditto.

good luck!

The luck has nothing to do with this. I wish you the best.

Wish you all the best. Ill be taking LIII for the first time next summer, hope none of you are still here if you know what i mean.

Just pray for me … Its very imp for me to clear the exam … Thanks for all your kind support … Good Luck to all of you guys …

Best to you shar - LET’S ROLL BOYS GETTING INTO THE CLUTCH. Take the P/F for what it’s worth. Don’t let a somewhat subjective exam dictate your personal worth - take the pain and put it in the fuel tank for 2012 prep. Regardless to outcome, glad to be in it with folks like the AF community.

I sincerely hope most AF users pass as then they’ll be able to give us valuable insight on how they passed THIS YEAR’S exam.

Good luck to all lv3er!!! see you all on the other side!!

Good luck for every Level 3 candidates

Good luck level 3’s!!