Guessing strategy

Does anyone know a good guessing strategy? I mean for questions that you are completely clueless about?


when all else fail, choose the longest answer

Seriously though…there is a way that the people who make the exam think when trying to fail people. I read that they make the “perfectly wrong” answers next to the right one purposely to confuse you. There is a whole psychology behind test making.

is there nothing like a stat which letter comes up most…?

well if you really don’t have a clue i would choose the same letter but it’s pretty hard to be really indiferent to all answers i heard for other exams that it would be better to choose C don’t know what is it base on… probably some crazy statistics :slight_smile:

I`m guessing B.


seriously, i think the best way is to cross out answers that are definetely wrong… that way you narrow it down to a 33% chance, or a 50% chance of gettin it right (rather than 25%)

I still say go with your first impression… maybe in some dark corner of your mind the answer is lurking and trying to find its way out.

there are a lot of dark corners in my mind… :))

I’ll do a ‘C’ If I had to guess…

winding down to the exam… more weird topics are poping up on AF. :slight_smile:

U look at other ppl’s scantron if u can

They order the answers from smallest to largest if it’s numbers, and from shortest to longest. So, it’s not like a particular letter will be chosen to be the answer. And how they come up with the distractors probably won’t follow a certain rule. So it’s just random guessing. Eliminate all you can and that’s it, so I agree with Bluey…

I eliminate all answers I know are wrong, then if B is still there, I choose that. If not, I go with the number that is not a perfectly round rumber (if relevant) or I just roll the dice.

My mind boggles that some people have a strategy for guessing…