Harris Workshop

Took the plunge yesterday and dropped 500 clams to take his L2 seminar. Took L1 in NYC last year and was worth every penny. Despite the fact he upped this year’s price by 100…im still gung ho on him. Bannis and Nola…sorry…made more sense for me to take his philly seminar as opposed to Beantown. Best friend lives in philly and its a shorter drive. If we all make it to L3 next year…I will make the drive to boston - i promise.

jb I may sign up for Philly. I will let you know if I do.

i’m strongly considering attending. Basically i’m deciding between his seminar and the SSFA Windsor. (Which usually features harris for the accounting, but is $1900 for 1 week, but includes meals and accomodations). If i lived closer to where the harris workshops were hosted i’d probably just attend that. But by the time you add up travel, acoomodations etc I might be further ahead to hit up windsor and get a full week and still get my harris fix.

I am goin to attend the Chicago seminar… I have heard alot of positive feedback/remarks from his seminars.

harris is the man… jb… i read your post about him LAST YEAR and took the class… it was great… thanks

yah…the guy is solid. Probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. He tells everyone to call him on his office or his home phone whenever they have a question…and he means it to. I know people who have had 30 minute conversations about LIFO/FIFO with him at 10pm. His ability to simplify everything is invaluable. And his notes were a huge reason why I dominated FSA in L1. I cant wait for his L2 seminar.

i hope so. i’m signed up. and i’ll need the help. i’m going through FSA now and i’m having a harder time than i anticipated.

farther along than me…im having a hard time with quant. Ive got reading 11 down …12 and 13 are a horse of another color…all this crap has gotten me bogged down. Looking forward to starting econ soon.

econ isn’t so bad. mostly fx. i got bogged down in quant too. it’s been a while and i feel like i haven’t retained anything. hopefully it gels when i start doing qbank and tests later.

No big deal jb. I’m not even sure if i will be sitting in June and haven’t signed up for Harris’s workshop. Life is a bit of a mess right now and until it gets cleaned up, I’m putting the CFA aside.

The NY seminar would be held in April. Can’t afford to attend it in another city. Guess by that time I might not need one!!

BTW, I never heard of this Harris workshop that you guys are speaking so highly of…can some one pls provide their website address or the link…thanks a bunch…


great workshop, highly highly recommended!

Thanks jbisback for the link!! Wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!

Just signed up for Houston!

I’ll be signing up for Boston as soon as I get my L1 results.

If you are going to take his workshop, I suggest that you read FSA first and do questions before going. If you go in blindly, expecting Mr. Harris to teach you FSA from scratch and think that you’ll do well on FSA, I think you will be disspointed.

question: does he cover corp. finance as well?

cfasf1, John Harris used to cover Corp Fin as well but apparently hasn’t now for a couple of years.