Has the 2019 L3 exam been posted?

Does anyone have updates on this topic? I recall Magician said CFAI said they will no longer post it, but want to see if there’s been any changes. Still really curious to see the actual morning session.

No changes; they’re not going to release it.

Is this because 2019 exam is not a good resource for 2020 exam because the changes in curriculum? There are still 30+ chapters unchanged, so…

According to Dan McKenna, CFA Institute’s Manager of Supplemental Study Tools, it was a business decision.

Whatever that means.

He did state that it is unrelated to the year-over-year curriculum change.

Has Dan used the word “business” explicitly? Because I don’t see any business improvement for CFAI by deleting 2019 exam. Also considering the CFAI is a non-for-profit organization…

This mean that candidates will be more tilt to buy 3rd parties exam simulations. Don’t want to make further comments.

They have improved the candidate resources compared to 2016 tho.


His reply to my e-mail reads, in part, “While we understand posting the previous year’s essay questions has become a valuable study tool for candidates, we have made the business decision to stop posting them.

Increasing barriers to entry would be my guess. I can’t really think of another reason why they would do it- keep the confidentiality of papers consistent across all 3 levels maybe

The 2019 exam is in my head, and so are the correct answers!

i wonder if would be a violation if you sell it.

To sell _his head _?


You can bet on it.

Quite elaborated response, now we know the truth. This is like " - why did you kill the victim? - Because we took the decision to kill it"

The last time I posted something like this (as a joke) in the L2 boards, several users asked me to reconstruct the exam for them, for $$$!

This is actually a joke… I barely remember what was on the exam :slight_smile:

I hope you have a subconscious defense against highly skilled extractors.

Magician do you stand to sell more of your mocks as a result of this ‘Business’ decision?

That’d be nice.

i like you even more now

They’re in my head too. :wink:

That’s what she said.