Hello from Salt Solutions!

Hi, there, AnalystForum,

I’m Patrick, a team member at Salt Solutions! In June 2021, we launched our new CFA preparation platform and we’ve been working with AnalystForum since.

From the beginning, we designed Salt Solutions to be more than another learning tool. We provide a CFA learning experience that smoothly takes you from studying the materials to review and assessment with our team’s guidance infused along the way. Key features of the platform include:

  • Video lessons we produce in our studios and tightly quality control from script writing to closed captioning. Our video lessons are exceptional and, we believe, a big differentiator for the platform.
  • Our CheckPoints scheduling tool that gives you weekly goals and assigns points to specific tasks (such as video lessons) based on their importance to the exam.
  • Practice exams that are modeled after the real thing, including an interface that simulates Prometric and questions that mimic the language, tone, and sentence structure of real questions.
  • A custom quiz builder that allows you to choose a topic and pull questions from our extensive question bank, so you can drill your knowledge in the last month before the exam.

Our platform also features extensive analytics and data visualizations, so you can keep track of your progress and compare how you’re doing to other candidates! Speaking of other candidates, here’s what some of our users have said about Salt Solutions:

  • “I just passed the Level 1 May session in the 90th percentile. Your work was a fundamental part of my success. Thanks!” – Emanuele, Level I user
  • “Clear, concise, to-the-point, helpful, and a great place to learn and grow. Can’t find a better place to learn. Salt Solutions is amazing. Thank You :)” – Harshit, Level I user
  • “Amazing platform and teaching style, masterpiece! " – imyashraj_jerry, Level I user

If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll be here to answer!