Honeymoon Ideas

I would agree with this in general, but especially on the honeymoon! I’m more of the guy to enjoy hanging out in one or two places for longer periods than doing the whole sightseeing thing just to say you’ve been somewhere.

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city. Croatia in general is spectacular. Montenegro blew my mind and is still pretty unspoiled

Prague and Budapest are awesome. Very easy to spend 3-4 days in each city and quite cheap right now and makes the cost of France/UK look insane by comparison. I’m headed back to Europe this fall to spend a week in Northern Italy which I’m looking forward to.

Another option in Spain could be to make Santiago de Compostela the ‘home base’ for a bit and venture out to coastal towns in the area - they’re pretty fantastic. Then head over to San Sebastian if you have time too. The north of Spain is very underrated, imo.

Heh, heh…I bet that’s right.

This is great… All the americans saying Greece, Prague, Canary Islands… haha… It’s very cheap for us to get there so it’s not all that special for us. Greece is always a good shout…I can recommend the good island if you like?

I just got back from Sri Lanka!!! It was incredible!! Food is amazing, beaches are lush, lots of culture and history, the hotels / villas are brilliant. It’s more of a travelling holiday as it’s good to explore, but I would def recommend it.

Spain is the best country in Europe in my opinion!!! San Seb is brilliant, nice beach and the BEST food in europe without a doubt.

If I was travelling over to Europe for one week, I would just stay in one place or maybe move at most once. For me, your honeymoon should just be about relaxing and enjoying yourselves. Not getting up early each morning to pack your bags and change city for the 5th time in a week. That can be a fun trip too (inter-railing especially) but not what I would think of as a honeymoon.

My top tip for a great European honeymoon is Santorini. It is a beautiful place and perfectly set up for couples to chill. You can get there with just one stop through London (possibly Paris and other hubs too) so logistically is easy. It is pretty much the most expensive place in Greece you can stay, but with the USD/EUR rate where it is should still be doable.

Another option seeing as people mentioned Barcelona a lot is to spend a few days in Barcelona and then a few days relaxing by the beach somewhere like Sitges (great place).

For a honeymoon I would also recommend Greek Islands. Mykonos for the party, Rhodes and Crete if you are into culture and excavations, Santorini for the views and the romance and some of the less popular islands like Paros if you like it quiet. There are thousands of little islands, so you can find some peace and your own private beach much more easily than in Spain or Italy.

I also like Florence, Rome, Paris and Vienna. I never understood the fuss about Prague. It’s alright. I only ever went there for cheap beer and dubious strip clubs. Tons of tourists and not that much to do. Budapest is nice in winter if you like these turn of the century spas. Hamburg is my new favorite, though.

And, yes, I would also avoid the cities during the high season in August. September is also still pretty warm if you want to hit the beach.

Listen to ^ his guy…

Prague is for stag do and strippers… Budapest is a bit boring… Spain, Italy and some of France are the best places, however if you want a romantic island with good beaches and food the Santorini and Mykonos would get my vote too.

I totally agree, Sri Lanka is amazing. I’m trying not to rave about it too much though as I think it’s going to really take off at some point.

Come to Canada. It will be so cheap with USDCAD that you could live like a king in our third world backwater. I hear you Americans can just buy the entire hotel now for one day’s wages. Hit up Kelowna for a few days and then spend a few days in Lake Louise. Or do something more adventurous like go to the Yukon and experience near 24 daylight in August. Go hiking in the middle of the night. If you’re into that sort of thing. Or Montreal is always a beauty in summer. Tour around Quebec. For $5,000US you could have an amazing one week stay there.

He and his wife are unique birds. She’s long been a part-time missionary, spending a couple of months every summer in remote parts of India or the jungles of Nicaragua.

Second the Croatia suggestion. Ironically that’s where I was planning on spending my honeymoon this August until my fiance left me.

sorry dude

Based on the recommendations in this thread, sounds like your best options in terms of value for money are between the Zika virus in South America and the bubonic plague/TB/whatever pestulance the refugees have brough to Europe. Still solid alternatives compared to Canada which amusingly somebody ventured to suggest.

It was, partially, tongue in cheek. Need to push the tourism industry now that we’re not making any money off oil. Our honeymoon was in San Diego. Played some golf, watched some whales, rented a big place on a beach. Relaxing time, great experience. One of my favourite places in the U.S.A. Not sure if that’s Zika zone though, pretty close.

just pulling your leg brah, I love Montreal in the summer. I can chill in street cafes all day long. Keep that winter of yours away tho

Hey! Never thought I would run into another person who has been to Montenegro! Did you make it out to Durmitor? It’s like another planet out there.

^It really is beautful isn’t it? We spent most of that trip in Croatia so only spent a few days in Montenegro. We went to Kotor and Budva but didn’t make it to Durmitor unfortunately.

We took in some wineries in Croatia too and the wines were incredible too.