Hours this weekend?

How many are we looking at people? I am aiming for 12. 6 each day. NOT including lunch or breaks. 6 hours of nose in the books. If I go to the bathroom, I stop the counter.

i’ll do 5 on Sat and 5 on Sunday.

2 Full practice tests + Review - Whatever hours it takes…

I start at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. One full practice test plus review of morning session. That should be 7 hours or so. Another 5 on Sunday. In the immortal words of Rebeca Black, fun, fun, fun, fun.

2-3 tonight then 5+ each day. 13. mind you, i haven’t put in enough hrs so i’m playing catch up. let’s do this. 22 more days then we tap the eff out. time to start peaking soon.

Does a 3 day review count? 8-5 tomorrow and 8-4:30 Sunday.

10 hour sleep tonight…

bannisja Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > time to start peaking soon. That’s what my college roommate used to say after eating a bunch of mushrooms.

going to catch-up on some sleep but hit her hard during the day… focusing on 4/5 on Sat and 9/10 on Sunday

Study all hours that I am up…Have to start tests tomorrow. Hopefully 1.5 tests per day with review That’s how I did it for Level 1…Thats how id did it for Level 2 and its worked out well so far… Boom…

8 and 8

who said i wasn’t eating a bunch of mushrooms 11?

Minimum 10 hours Saturday and Sunday . At least 4 of those browsing AF itself , 15 minutes at a time

Basically I’ll study until I can’t study any more. I have nothing to do tomorrow but study. I’ll go to work at about 10am and stay there until probably 8pm tomorrow.

checking in- me. only for an hour and change though- spin class at 8:45. while i need to study desperately, it’s also dangerously close to bikini season. i can’t overlook this glaring truth. 2003 CFAI AM EXAM, you’re up. I’m running through them all. woot.

Well I’m taking Schweser 2 PM today and Schweser 3 AM tomorrow. I plan to grade/review both on the same day. So all in I’m probably looking at 6 hours Saturday and 6 Sunday for a total of 12, but will likely burnout at around 10.

im going for 8 and 8. i need to get over the mental hurdle of not feeling prepared to start taking full fledged mocks and just swallow my medicine. if not now, when?

i’m with you cookthebook bannisja, it’s gonna keep you brain sharp too

now is the time to start peaking 20 days left …i cant tell you guys n gals how helpful all these threads have been …thanks and lets all buckle down n keep it going

BACK IN BOYS. for an hour, then shower, then keep climbing. as my spin instructor just said as we were climbing, “pedal with a purpose”. Let’s go.