How do you stay sane?

Three sometimeses: which one is most likely to help you pass the Level II CFA exam?

(Sort of sounds like a Level II CFA exam question. I encourage you not to guess on this one.)

For a second I thought you had the correct answer: threesomes


Since I’m sure EVERYone is waiting on pins and needles for my result - I wound up scoring 66% on the entire thing. FRA needs some serious work, there was an item set where I managed a disturbing 0/6.

That’s for the CFAI 2013 Mock? I’d be happy with that score considering you still have 50 or so days to review/practice/etc. At a guess, it’s probably a passing score.

I haven’t looked at the CFAI mock (or any mocks actually). Are the questions harder than the item sets in CFAI EOCs? I’ve been reviewing FRA and have been doing quite well on the item sets. Then yesterday I did the “easy” L1 LIFO/FIFO section and the last item set on there was out of this world. It was sadistic. On top of requiring you to understand the material (which I thought I did), the information was poorly presented and confusing, so it was like they wanted to also test your ability to sipher through shittily presented information.

Weekdays, I study Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday I have volleyballpractice and Friday I relax at home/go for drinks as it is the start of the weekend. I try to put in 3-4 hours in the evening (after work and cooking dinner) and 1h in the morning to do some recap of the night before.

Weekends I study during the day. Let’s say 9-12 and 2-8 or something. Evenings are for family and friends and on Saturday there is also some cleaning/grocery shopping involved.

Volleyball stops soon, but I’m going to try to go swimming or running 2x/week then, just to keep my head clear. Studying 7/7 isn’t heatlhy, and counterproductive in the long run imo. Better to have a good balance (although until recently my balance was overly tilted towards free time, I admit smiley).

No, this wasn’t the 2013 mock, it was the 2012 mock - I don’t plan to take the 2013 mock til may 4. Unfortunately, the item sets are, in fact, harder than the ones from the EOC’s. The questions are trickier (not necessarily harder) and the vignettes are longer.

I agree that vignette at the end of the inventory reading was a confusing one, I didn’t like it much. For what it’s worth, CFAI seems to do quite well to avoid any ambiguity in the mock (2012, at least).

To stay sane: Meditate for 15-20 mins daily, go to the gym 5-6 times a week, Watch atleast one TV show before going to bed (including Game of Thrones) :smiley:

To go insane: come on AF and find out that people are already onto mocks while i have yet to finish my first pass :open_mouth:

^This lol.

I’ve been working out like a fiend lately and now that its getting nice i like to do sprints at the track. I spar once a week to keep my skills fresh and to unleash some frustration. I usually get 3 hours in a day, but spaced throughout the entire day. I’m not certain how some of you can sit down and study for more than 2 hours at a time on a constant basis.

My concentration span is of not more than 45-60 minutes. Depends upon the difficulty of the material I’m reading too but I almost always need a time out after an hour.

a girl friend with benefits helps a lot. Keeps you sane without the nagging of a girlfriend.