How I passed all three levels on the first try

When I was first starting off in the CFA program I really didn’t know which way to turn for guidance. I asked a friend who had the charter for insight into how he passed and he recommended Nathan Ronen’s courses because it worked for him. I was a little hesitant at first because I watched other videos from other providers and thought they were too dry to focus on for so long. I also knew that while I was working I would not have unlimited time to study so I needed a concise schedule.

I started taking Ronen’s courses for level I and I passed all three levels on the first attempt despite working full-time in private equity and having two kids at home for level III. The courses and personal attention (he emailed or texted me every time I messaged him with a quick turnaround) gave me the focus and structure I needed for passing.

He knew which complex topics to focus more on and not waste time on material we could just read. His classes are all online, with clear audio and video. The classes were engaging and concise. He gave REAL exam questions (essays and MC) on most important topics. This was huge – many courses run through the material and don’t focus enough on getting reps in for the exam. This really made the difference for me for passing these exams. This is the guy to take if you are trying to pass the exams while working.

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