How long can you go with no income

I must say that your smart a$$ response to philp.platt was completely unnecessary

JOE2010 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ^ I reckon you haven’t got much,lol This is the most pathetic pissing contest I have ever seen.

SMIRK Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m sorry, I didn’t know my question of “how long > will your savings last you” could be ambiguous > enough to be misinterpreted as “how long will your > savings last a 55 year old”. everything is obviously relative you douche… makes no sense comparing 5 years worth of savings for a 20 year old and 5 years worth of savings for a 50 yr old.

well, just to answer your question then… i have twice as much savings as you have, but it’ll last me 6 months given my lavish lifestyle… (life of the rich and un-famous…)

I have 'bout tree fitty, dammit loch ness monsta!

she’s a succubus!

No, the way I frame the question is “how much of a safety net do I have if I don’t want to put up with the $|-|1+ at work?”

I currently have about 2 years. That should be enough to say NO to unpaid weekend overtime, to take time off to interview elsewhere, to take time off to study for the CFA, etc. without fear.

^unpaid weekend overtime sucks the final few weeks of my last corporate job included unpaid weekend overtime and working vacations oh the joys of corporate life ! smiley

The answer depends, I, personally, would head to Thailand asap :wink: