How many of you think that you can pass CFAL2 this june for sure?

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You should try one more mock to make sure you still remember stuff smiley

Im still mustering up enough courage to take my first mock exam…

42% of us probably

its 50-50 for me.

75% sure. will know more after practice test 2 soon.


dumb question… brainless

I wouldnt be able to pass it


I passed the level 1 in December and started studying late for this one, only on my second read through of Schweser material. Taken no mocks yet. I don’t know if I like my odds

im ion the same situation.

gonna be a race to the finish line

What kind of retarded ass question is this?

Wash your mom’s dirty vagina.

@aks123:Bro kindly take your anger some where else…not on my threads.

@Zero bonus:Watch your language! I know what i have asked and people who understood my questions are giving their feedbacks.

Just surfing baby! I dont give a sh*t if I pass. Oh yeah!!

Been through curriculum 10 times now.

Oh yeah!!