How the AIDS epidemic really began

pretty interesting theory

Whatever. Everybody knows that the government created AIDS to kill off blacks and gays.

^AIDS isn’t crack cocaine. I thought it was a good article.

Eating bush meat. Same way Ebola started.

There’s something weird about eating chimpanzees. They are a bit too much like humans.

Are you suggesting that eating humans is weird?

I guess it depends if you mean devouring human flesh for nutrition, or “eating” people like you would have done to that Theta at Spring Palooza.

i think it should be a general rule that you shouldn’t eat things that you have to fight to kill. i’d imagine the meat of human, chimp, bear, lion, jaguar, snake, etc, wouldn’t taste as good as those animals that are like “meh, whatever, death sounds okay i guess” due the fact that they’re less tense when they’re put down. just a terrible theory but i think it holds ground.

^ What about fish?

Part of it is probably that carnivorous (or omnivorous) animals have evolved to like the taste of herbivores. Assuming a species had the options of eating cows or lions, the members of the species who prefer to eat cows would probably survive at higher rates.

Farm animals are probably docile due to selection by human breeders. If you watch nature shows where the lions are trying to eat wild buffalos - those buffalo clearly want to live.

For some reason, herbivores (cows, deer, antelopes, goats, etc.) are basically meatballs on sticks. I’m not sure why they would evolve into this convenient dining package. However, it probably has more to do with storing energy, since they eat low calorie food like grass.

Pretty much everthing tastes like chicken, though. Except for beef, which tastes like ostrich. And bacon, which tastes like people.

Apparently lions don’t like to eat people naturally, but once they have eaten a human, African villages have to make a special effort to go kill the lion. Because, apparently, people:lions::bacon:people. We’re just *that* good.

mmm McLions “you’re eating it!”

Wait… how do you know??

Would eating a chimp, no matter how gross, infect you wth AIDS? I doubt it. Transmission through blood or semen is more plausible.

The “Cut Hunter” meme sounds like whatever those things are called - “a cunning array of stunts”. See

We have so much in common with pigs that I figured we humans probably taste more like them than any other animal. Forensic scientists often demonstrate ballistics and the effects of knives by how they function on a pig, so we may be relatively similar in cut and tenderness, with light smokey overtones, perhaps a bit nutty too. Probably goes well with a nice Mabec.

There are a few people who have taken to cannibalism and and (presumably before being punished) asked or reported on what we taste like. Although the answers tend to vary. Many appear to report that we taste like pork.

My comment about bacon was simply that lions who eat humans tend to come back for more… it’s like they’re thinking “wait, how is it that I’ve lived all my life chasing things that run fast, when there are the really delicious slow things wandering around???” In other words, what life would be like if you’d never eaten bacon, and suddenly realized that it was available at every breakfast just for the asking!

So babies?

pretty sure Chianti is the established pairing

Nice theory. Here’s another one: Inventing the AIDS virus by Peter H. Duesberg. The reviews are just amazing.

You guys are disgusting.

so is human infused vodka next? Gross

^ What if the human was a willing participant? I know a philosophy type that has papers on this topic. Crazy stuff. What’s more ethical to consume, a willing human or an unwilling animal? I don’t think it’s really arguing for eating people though, more against eating animals (I do not agree with that point of view).