How to share the FMVA certificate online/linkedin?

It seems that this article on how to add certificate to Linkedin is out of date. The dashboard layouts and options on the FMVA program site now is quite different now from what’s shown on the article.

I looked everywhere in my account and I can’t seem to find my certificate to share it but I am sure it is somewhere.

Under “My certifications”, there are six headings, overview, honor pledge, my credentials, submit my prorgram, order printed certificate and survey. None of them take me to the FMVA certificate which I’d like to share on my Linkedin.

If you can direct me to it, that would be great.

You will have to submit to get the FMVA cert. You will receive an email with the link to your digital cert.

On LinkedIn, you will have to manually share it by adding it to your certification.

Okay thanks.

Hi @FinancialWar and thank you @fino_abama, you’re correct.

Once you have completed the 9 Core Courses, and at least 3 Elective Courses, you will have the option to complete the Honor Pledge and submit your FMVA application.

I can see from your screenshot that you have successfully submitted your FMVA application, which means you should have received or expect to receive your FMVA certificate within 24 hours.

Once you receive the certificate link, you can:

Happy to help if you have any further questions.

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