I am so confused

Hello everyone, can please someone clarify my doubts about pursuing CFA.

MY Work experience:

I have worked as a research analyst for 4 years in India before relocating myself to the UK. In UK I have worked as a yield analyst, business analyst and sales analyst. The companies I have worked are Global draw, Reach and TNT. This was over the 5 year period.

I have a 4 year old daughter and have decided to give her some time and take a break for a year or year and a half, meanwhile I was thinking of studying something while she is not at home. I have done Mathematics hons and post graduate diploma in finance.

I was confused if CFA is a right career for me as I do have a research background.

What is the best institute to study in London

Will I be able to get a job if I happen to clear level 1 of CFA

Please give me as much info as possible as I am planning to take my exams this year.

Thanks in advance.

a “research background” is very vague and you haven’t actually specified what it is you are trying to get into.

how is anyone supposed to give you the right advice?

speak to a professional career advisor. dont ‘ask the internet’