If there was a real black market for degrees and certifications

Ive grown…

I haven’t :slight_smile:

you say “cheating is just assumed to be normal …[in Asian countries]”. Do you not find anything morally reprehensible in that statement? So if cheating is normal (natural?) then the non-cheating Asians are odd, wierd and perverse? And i guess you would argue vigorously also that in the US high moral ground is normal and the cheaters dont just get caught with their pants down but are inherently (given that they live in the USA) at odds with the norm ?

Humanity isnt ready for an intercontinental beatdown …besides we all know who would win in team USA Vs old irrelevant UK… didnt yall get yall ass handed to you by that latin country with that awesome soccer team?

Different societies have different standards. In the US, it’s normal to weigh 250 lbs and eat triple cheeseburgers three times a week. Many Asian people would be disgusted by this. In Asia, things that might offend US people can be considered normal. I’m not being judgmental or condescending. This is just an observation. I grew up in an Asian country and observed these things first hand. A statement of fact is not reprehensible.

Furthermore, “not normal = perverse” is not the implication of anything I or anyone else has said. Mother Theresa was not normal, but she was not perverse. Not normal = not normal. Don’t put words in people’s mouths.

“And i guess you would argue vigorously also that in the US high moral ground is normal and the cheaters dont just get caught with their pants down but are inherently (given that they live in the USA) at odds with the norm ?”

Yes. Cheaters are not normal compared to US people. However, they would be normal (or at least less abnormal) in another country. The only determinant of “normal” is comparison to some population. Compared to the US population, cheaters are abnormal. Compared to an Asian population, they might be less abnormal.

i wasnt putting words in your mouth ohai, i was just giving my interpretation of what you said. that’s still my interpretation of what you said.

Ok. Then I will go ahead and say that your interpretation of what I said is incorrect.

you may well do that, but it is my interpretation of what you said that: a) I can know and b) I care about.

But that is not the definition of “interpretation”. You’re basically doing this:

ohai: Statement A.

Penny: So you mean Statement B?

ohai: No, it’s Statement A?

Penny: That’s ok. I will assume it’s still Statement B, even though you explicitly told me Statement A.

ohai: Wait what?

no, no, no, you can have someone explain something util they are blue in the face “you” will still come out of it with what you come out of it, that’s how i am meaning “interpretation” here.

all i am saing is “what you said - statement A - gives me this - X - impression”. i am not substituting one statement with another

have you two hooked up?

ohai:statement A

Penny:Impression X +statement A= statement B

ohai: statement B not equal to statement A because impression X is false.

Really, they’re sounding like a married couple. ohai, just apologize and say she’s right, and then go get a hummer from her best friend.

Penny, drop the PC bullshit. He (and I) are commenting on observations. Morally reprehensible?

Where do all the fake drugs and bootlegged movies come from? You didn’t go to college with non-english speaking Asians that travelled in packs and consistently cheated? I even had a friend from Seoul that explained it to me. Certain groups stick together and don’t compete with each other. The older ones were basically obligated to give all their old notes and homework to the younger crop of Koreans. “It was just a cultural thing.”

I get all my bootlegged movies from Peru.

not all Asians travel in packs…take that back!

FWIW, at my college orientation (so long ago), they asked how many people cheated in high school. I saw at least 50% hands go up - this was in North Carolina. I was very surprised.

@stratman: People in Asia who make bootleg movies and fake drugs are probably not the same ones who cheat on exams. There is no connection between those two groups. Whereas in US, students are part of the population that eats triple cheeseburgers.

I believe that, but that in US means the younger Koreans are getting a degree at the expense of getting knowledge for themselves. Since they ARE probably the same type of people as students in Seoul, I wonder if that’s why South Korea has the highest per-capita percentage of PhDs yet proportionally less innovation? Samsung cannot be compared to Apple, for example. Or Huyndai to Honda.

All Asians cheat. To them it is seen as helping each other. This crew of rice niggas use to always sit in the back of one of my classes. They weren’t even secretive about cheating. Deez niggas would be yapping in some dialect the whole exam. The professor got wise the second time around and said, “I’m not handing out exams until the group in the back disburses throughout the room.”

A lot of assumptions in this thread. You may meet ‘Asian’ people who cheat but are you saying none of the people from other communities cheat? Are you saying that a majority of cheats/corrupt people are ‘Asians’?

Also, for the person talking about “bootlegged CDs” needs to wake up to the fact that a majority of the piracy of copyrighted audio/video material started out with the peer-to-peer networks originating from the western countries (mostly US). A lot of the financial fraud/embezzlement originates from the west but it does not mean that the American and English people are a bunch of cheats and con-men.

I am from India and while there is a lot of corruption here I haven’t heard of cheating on the CFA exams with fake passports yet. And to insinuate that requiring passports for identity proof stems out of “fake candidates” in Asia is assuming too much.