IFT High-Yield Course

The IFT High-Yield Course is based on Pareto’s 80-20 rule according to which 80% of the exam questions are likely to be based on 20% of the curriculum. Hence this course focuses on the 20% material which is most testable. For more details:
Level I High-Yield Course
Level II High-Yield Course
Level III High-Yield Course

Below are the main components of the Level III High-Yield course:

  1. IFT High-Yield Notes® summarize the most important concepts from each reading in 2 to 5 pages.
  2. IFT High-Yield Video Lectures® are online video lectures based on the notes (PDF slides included).
  3. Key Facts and Formula Sheet: 12-17 pages covering key facts and formulas for all of Level III!
  4. You will also get the IFT Mobile App to view High-Yield Videos and Notes (with off-line use also).