INS Arihant gives India an edge against its neighbours

Why INS Arihant gives India an edge against its neighbours

“India’s first indigenous nuclear powered submarine, which completed its maiden strategic deterrence mission, will allow the country to absorb a nuclear strike - and respond with a devastating second-strike”

I hope they remember to close all the hatches before diving this time.

No one cares

Q: What’s better than counter-attacking a nuclear strike?

A: Not getting striked (struck? stricken? S2000 and Sweep please advise) in the first place.

Impressive. The sub can carry up to 8 units comprised of ballistic missiles and/or automated idli-making machines, with the final optimal configuration of missiels and idli machines being a function of the strategic priorities of the indian navy.

idli are meh, is this the sub that has dosa making machines? That’s the one I’d want to be on.

^brah, it seems to me you also prefer dosas like our brother hpracing? Perhaps the optimal unit configuration is a mix of idli- and dosa-making machines and no ballistic missiles. As we live a life of ease, everyone has all they need - sky of blue and sea of green, in our idli-dosa submarine! One can only dream. Peace, brah

In all fairness, the purpose of such a submarine is as a nuclear deterrent, and any scenario where they fire the missiles will already result in mutually assured destruction. So, the expected utility with or without actual missiles is exactly the same. This means that, provided that no other country is aware, the optimal strategy is indeed to replace all missiles with such food production facilities, as this will at least increase the utility of the crew.

I wonder how many nukes are underwater at this exact moment, ready to go. Also curious where they are all pointed.

The Akula are ancient and I wonder about their effectiveness in a real conflict, but they are such impressive monuments.


Damn, the one Russian sub BS posted alone had more nukes on board than what I had in mind for total nukes underwater.