Intensive Review Courses in Metro New York

Hi. Is there any one can tell me which Level II Intensive Review Courses is the best in Metro New York? Schweser, Sharp, R.G. Quintero & Co. or New York Institute of Finance? Thanks.

I used Stalla for L2 and liked it a lot. Peter Olinto (who teaches in NY) is the demi-god of FSA and motivational CFA speaking.

Thank you very much.

Oh, sorry, I missed the word *Intensive*. I haven’t done the intensive Stalla review. I did the regular course. However, they do have a Mock Exam plus intensive review, and people who have done it have said good things about them. You do get Peter Olinto for it in NY. Also, this should probably be posted in the Level II forum, not General Discussion (I’m not trying to be mean or snooty about it, just for future reference).