Internal Wholesaler career path may lead to...?

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I used to work as basically an internal at a large well known firm. The job was geared towards institutional clients, there were some pros and cons to it. Going from being an internal (or even sales in general)to being an analyst at the same firm, regardless of having a CFA, is pretty slim. While I am sure there are stories of some people that have done it, I did not see it. I would not totally discourage your friend from switching to internal wholesaler, I am guessing the career growth is greater on the sales side then back office. I would suggest make the switch, keep studying for the CFA and see what happens.

If someone wants to move from the back office to an analyst job, moving to an internal wholesaler job won’t hurt or help. Basically, in this job market, you are F’ed. It’s not going to happen. You are better off trying to figure out how to get into a top b-school. Hoever, after being an internal you could move to many different positions, some more analytical than others. You can become a product specialist, where the CFA is valued, or platform distribution sales (more institutional) or product management (more marketing). None of these are the same as being an anlyst, but can be $200K+ type jobs (not the marketing jobs). Sweep the leg’s salary ranges are accurate, if you are an external wholesaler making only $200k something is very wrong. An experienced wholesaler in a major metro area makes around $400k on average with a significant SD. In a lot of firms the sales guys make more than analysts or PMs. The unfortunate reality is that there are a lot smart number crunchers but only so many people with the communication skills to sell a product. Just food for thought.

Hey Sweep_The_Leg,

I’m new to this forum and have yet to reach Level 1 so I can’t send you a PM at the moment. I’ve been reading a bunch of your replies regarding the internal wholesaler role. I was wondering if you could take a little bit of time to give me some advice as I’m currently at a fork in the road.

For a little bit of background, I’m writing CFA Level 3 next may. I’ve had 2 years of experience as an investment rep at TD, and a few months of experience as a portfolio analyst for Raymond James. My goal is to break into ER or some type of corp finance analyst role. I was laidoff due to COVID- so I’ve been looking for employment opportunities in Toronto. Do you think it would be worthwhile to pursue a role as an internal wholesaler? I’ve seen in some of your posts that I may be pegged into the sales role. My friend who can refer me to this role suggested that I could try networking heavily to progress into a more analytical role (better to have my foot in the door). My concern is that I know that I don’t want to stay in sales for any extended duration… I am open to the experience and learning more about sales but I know that it’s not for me in the long run. If you could give me some advice, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks.

PS. do you breakdance?

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Anyway, let’s see…I guess I’d say any employment is better than none, so if you can get an internal gig and that’s your only option at the moment, do it. Breaking into ER/PM roles from sales is next to impossible. Yes, you can network your ass off and I have seen it happen a few times, but it’s not the path you should take if you have other options.

Feel free to PM me for more info on this or breakdancing.