Hi all,

I am a L1 candidate. Few days ago I received a letter and i am under PCP investigation for glancing during the exam. Actually I did, but just for a second, to make sure had guys sat close to me finished the test at the moment I just finished mine.

I want to give them a response to prove my innocence. I always do the best but prepare for the worst. Does someone know the probable consequence if CFAI don’t believe in my explain? 1-5 years or permanent ban from participation?

Will my boss know that and fire me? Will my college know that and withdraw my diploma? LOL

Thanks a lot for your replies

No and No.

Thank you so much JBrowntown.

Sometimes I am a pessimist. My Bschool is a partner of CFAI, so I‘m just wondering are there any bad effects.

Thanks a lot.

Well it’s not tough to follow directions and just look forward or plant your face on the table while tests are being collected…

Is attaining the CFA designation a requirement of your job? If so, it might be detrimental to your job to be suspended from the program. I wouldn’t think that they would ban you permanently for something that didn’t impact your score (assuming that you did not write anything after “glancing” at the other Candidate’s exam/answers).

You will surely lose your diploma from college and any certificates received earlier in life. You should probably enroll in a kindergarden program this fall where they teach you to follow directions. cool

Good luck with your investigation!

You scared me… crying

you should expect a call from your high school, they are yanking your certificate and burning all your records.

No matter what happens, life goes on. At the end of the day none of us are leaving here alive lol, so do your best in any good or worst situation.

Thank a lot, I will do my best

Sorry I don’t think it’s funny…I feel bad now. frown

Yeah man this is not good at all. I’ve seen peoples’ lives reduced to jack sh!t after such an event – marriages lost, industry blacklists, getting barred from other industries. One dude I know is now bagging groceries at the local Kroger. Kroger, bro! He couldn’t even nail a gig at Whole Foods!! So sad, really…

you should sue the CFAI for punitive damages.

I once heard about a guy that had to resort to living under a bridge and eating his own shit! I kid you not.

Might not want to use your real name as a handle?

And here we have a cheating (allegation) case from the US. On another thread someone has just remarked that these cases always come out of Asia.

My friend had a gig at a big firm, was a Level III candidate, had a GF with big tits, was getting bottle service at fancy night clubs. He was living the dream…that is until he got a PCP letter. Lost his job immediately. It was 2009 after the financial crisis so no one was hiring. Dude was hard up for cash, so he took a gig from a guy he knew at the night clubs he used to frequent smuggling a little coke on an airplane from Caracas, Venezuela to Chicago – he figured he’d just do it once to pay some bills and then stay legit after. He got caught at security and was thrown into Vista Hermosa prison in Ciudad Bolivar, VZ. This place has no guards (inmates police themselves), dozens are killed each year from gang violence w/in the prison, he sleeps on his own piss and he’s now addicted to heroin b/c it’s the only way he could deal with the despair.

A few years ago his biggest worries were the differences between US GAAP & IFRS and valuing currency swaps, and now he wakes up each morning in a bed of human waste worrying about how he can score his next bag w/o getting his throat slit by a member of the Tupamaros gang. All because that PCP letter.

^ lol

This can’t be real.

Yeah probably fake - no CFA L3 Candidate is cool enough to have a GF and get bottle service at the hot nightclubs. Wonder what he was actually doing prior to getting thrown into prison…maybe he was involved in the adventures of Cobb-Douglas? Dude got majorly Dickey-Fuller’ed

Yeah it’s fake. I just thought the title of this thread was funny and I couldn’t help but make up a ridiculous story.

Who seriously has their life ruined by a PCP letter? If ony 10-15% (estimate) of people that begin the CFA program actually finish it, it’s probably a blessing in disguise.

^ While I found your story about this “friend” funny, your latest remark is not. Why would a PCP be a blessing in disguise? True that a lot of people will not be able to finish the program and get the charter (and I might be easily among them) but to live with a verdict of cheating if you are innocent (I repeat if you are innocent) is terrible.

I mean it’s not like you never get promoted because your dad is not a top business man of your country (happens) or that you are disadvantaged in any other subtle way, but this is a straightforward case. You cheated. I doubt if any other designation lets you do their program after this.