Is NYSSA (or any local society in general) membership worth it?

I finished the exams last year and am currently setting up CFAI membership. They tend to push local society membership pretty strongly. My local society (NYSSA) charges a $100 “app fee” and $200 annual membership fee. These are not unsubstantial amounts of money – is it really worth it? Would be interested to hear what benefits people get from local society membership and general thoughts on whether to join or not.


NYSSA used to be really good, but I must admit that I haven’t used my membership very much anymore.

If you want to do the professional development programs there, or attend conferences to meet people, the discounts can add up over a year, I guess.

Pretty much what bchad said.

I think the event topics are pretty interesting and it’s a good way to meet people. There used to be a NYSSA specific career job listing, but it seems like they’'ve outsourced it to efinancialcareers.

Me three. NYSSA is nice, but I probably would drop it if I had to pay for it myself.

NYSSA’s raised the average price of their events considerably, which makes them harder to attend and, I think, a little less dynamic. They do cater it with nicer food, but personally, I’d rather have plainer food and lower prices.