is this the definition of burning out:

15 questions into yet another test, space out… end up on Imgur for 40 minutes?

then day dream about dinner after the test Saturday night?

yep, you’re ready to go!

Agreed, you’re ready.

Yup, I’d say that’s how I felt. I got all ready for a three hour study session one night, sat down and started reading about Ethics. Within 10 minutes I was on twitter.

This exam’s been my life for 5 months. Once it’s over, I’m going to have an identity crisis.

i hear you wayne… don’t worry, level 3 is just around the corner… (cringe)

pass or fail, i wonder what i’m going do to with all that free time!

Best advice on studying I ever had was that you grind until you don’t care whether you pass or fail – you just don’t want to study anymore! For me, I hit that point yesterday . . . I haven’t been able to work problems or do anything that could be termed “active” study – just reading notes, secret sauce, and watching some videos.

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i like this advice JLT

I hear you. I’m planning to learn a new language this summer or master chess and/or blackjack. I remember after Level 1 I had such a void in my schedule that I literally just slept every night. Then again, that was in December. Since summer has started I probably won’t be locking myself indoors.