It's about that time.

hobbes928 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > there’s people I know who add half the value you > described and get paid much more. I’d push your > resume out and see what else you can get. Just > remember, you have these huge claws and you don’t > realize that you’re $$. I am one of those people. :stuck_out_tongue:

KJH, I’d suggest that you take Level I exam first and then talk to your supervisor. I’d suggest that you put together a summary of what you’ve done this year and a salary range for people in your position (I bet you can find that information online).

Get out of there and find a new gig. If there are only paying you 30K, I take that as a sign of them being either cheap or not in good financial shape. If you are adding any value at all you deserve to be making much more than $12 an hour ($30,000/50 wks*50hrs). If they were that cheap with your starting salary, how cheap are they going to be during review time? I don’t know what the market rate is where you live, but it seems to me you should be making double that.

KJH - didn’t you mention a couple weeks ago your firm was hiring an analyst? I don’t know what the job description was but why don’t you apply?

They are looking for an investment analyst. This person needs to be a level 2 candidate with modeling experience. Unfortunatly I fall short on those qualifications. I would rather not wait until after June to ask for a raise. A year seems to be a good benchmark. Also I will be doing revenue forcasting which I would assume would be grounds for a raise. I agree with looking for a new job. This place does strike me as being rather cheap. They will not pay for my CFA. Even benefits are minimal. I’m keeping an eye out, but not actively looking. This is not a dungeon, it is a pretty good group to be with.

I would ask for what is fair. If your doing the job of two to three people, you should be compensated.

I was in the same situation as you. Low 30’s mid office not back but same stuff really. Level one Cadidate at the time and CSC (like the series 7). After a year I got a new job at almost double that plus bonus… so like strikershank said, you have exit options so don’t get too down on yourself. I say shop your resume if you get some bites you have leverage. If they are paying you low 30’s they can expect you to stick around long at that wage unless you are useless. But if nothing bites soon I would say you should try to get 40.