Jai Ho

It’s on my list.




Yay socialism! Palantium and Tikka approved!

Yes, I approve of champagne socialism when I think it is sustainable. In those countries, with their microscopic populations and enormous landmasses, with rediculous natural reserves they can have a party for the next 100 years so long as they don’t take in obscene amounts of immigrants. I will almost certainly be dead by the time that party ends which is all I care about.

Canada will be annexed by the US when our clean water supply runs out.

I wish we would do that. We got all the good weapons and all we do is waste money in places worth nothing with shitloads of angry people.

Screw Aghanistan. Let’s invade Canada and Norway.

I suppose I would echo what Bchad says. India (and China by implication) can only get so far unless they make reforms to become more free. It’s one thing for some hedge funds or banks in the U.S. to export their excel jocks to these countries. It’s an entirely different thing altogether for whether India can build a financial industry that can compete with the developed markets. As such, the real value-add (and bonuses) will always be where the developed markets are.