Job opportunities in TO

Yes Sir!!!

What is a good career site for jobs in NY and London?

TriniNY Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yes Sir!!! well … i lived at jane finch for a couple of years, went running every night, even hung out in the area at nights, and to be honest it cant compare to some of the shady neighbourhoods ive been to in London

Mookie, kind of curious as to what jobs you were finding in Edmonton. I just graduated from University of Alberta. From what I can see, anybody that was in Finance all had to take interviews and jobs in Calgary which are plentiful. I don’t mind moving to Calgary, Van or TO just to get some experience, but since i’ve grown up here, i would love to stay here(yea, not many people say that about Edmonton hahah) Long story short, I’m in a Business Analyst role in Edmonton and want to move to a job that has more Finance relate jobs. What firms or companies did you find jobs opportunities in Edmonton, other then the Government? Thanks for any help that you can give me, my e-mail is xylon.kwan at gmail com I really appreciate it!